Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Submit the birthday or anniversary of your friend or loved one using the form below. Then listen every weekday morning at 6:40 to hear who's celebrating a special day. Each weekday, one lucky person will be chosen to win a nights stay at First Gold Hotel and Gaming in Deadwood.

When filling out the form, the name and address information should that of the person celebrating the birthday or anniversary. and we ask that you not submit entries sooner than 7 days prior to birthday or anniversary. Thank You

Full Name of Celebrant:
Birthdate or Anniversary:
Age or Years Married:
Their street address:
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New 24-hour recycling center replaces old Fairmont site
You’ll have to go the extra mile if you want to be eco-friendly. The old Fairmont site where people use to drop off their recyclables and yard waste is now closed. It's been replaced with a new 24-hour facility on Highway 79 at the entrance to the landfill. Karl Merbach, superintendent of the Solid Waste Operations, said the city decided to take the money it would have used to repair the Fairmont site and build the new facility. "We think it's a great site. We have lights, we have security c...

Woman dies in rock climbing incident in SD
Authorities say a 39-year-old woman has died as a result of injuries sustained from a fall while rock climbing in western South Dakota.

Rapid City man charged with felony child abuse
Jamey Brewer, 38, faces a felony count of child abuse and misdemeanor simple assault.

Authorities search for missing state prison inmate
Authorities are searching for a state prison inmate missing in Rapid City.

Sheriff, former deputy, and police chief run for Fall River County Sheriff
Three candidates are running for Fall River County Sheriff.